The Stuart McElrath Company can help customers' to convert their existing parts, or design concepts, into a castings, provide detailed engineering drawings for customers and contractors, and provide project engineering packages to meet customer needs.
Casting Design
The Stuart McElrath Company can work with customers' to convert their existing parts, or design concepts, into a casting for superior strength and lower costs in large quantities. SMC will take the part or design and add the appropriate drafts and radii while keeping an eye on cross-section thickness, junctions and parting lines. SMC uses 3D CAD software to provide the modeling for the design process.

SMC has many contacts in the foundry industry. Once the casing design is finished, we will work the customer to have the necessary patterns and core boxes made. Once the patterns and core boxes are made, SMC will work with the customer's foundry, or recommend one, for casting sampling and production runs.
SMC Casting Design    
Detail Engineering
Detailed engineering drawings are the heart of any project. A thoroughly detailed set of drawings will not only reduce the cost of a project when being reviewed for biding by contractors, but will also save money during the installation by eliminating costly rework.

The Stuart McElrath Company can furnish a complete set of detailed engineering drawings. This includes all necessary installation drawings complete with a detailed list of components used in the system. A typical drawing package consists of, but is not limited to, the following:
Typical Detailed Engineering Drawings Provided     General Arrangement
Local Area General Arrangement
Equipment Installation Elevations and Cross-Sections
Structure Steel
(i.e. water, compressed air, natural gas, etc.)
Binder System
(typically integrated from the manufacture)
At SMC detail drawings are prepared on Professional grade CAD Workstations running 2D and 3D Software. As required, a mobile workstation is used on the job site to make 'existing facilities' drawings.

During the course of a project, drawings files will be updated as necessary to reflect in changes that occurred during the project. Once the project is complete, a copy of all drawing files will be given to the customer in either AutoCAD or DXF format. A full set of Adobe PDF files will also be provided for quick reference.

Project Engineering
The Stuart McElrath Company has completed numerous projects related to the foundries and their related manufacturing process. These projects included molding and close-up loops, pouring floors, furnace pits, pouring systems, core room additions, shakeouts and dust collection systems.

Additionally, several Attrition (mechanical) and Thermal Sand Reclamation systems, complete with pneumatic sand distribution and bulk storage, have been designed and installed. Please go to the Project History page for additional information.

A typical project engineering package consists of, but is not limited to, the following:
Typical Project Engineering Package     Plant Layout & Design
Project Costs
Project Gantt Charts
Detailed Engineering Drawings
Contractor Bid Specifications
Miscellaneous Items
(purchase orders, manuals, cost penalties, etc.)

Reverse Engineering
The Stuart McElrath Company can provide reverse engineering services. Please visit this link (Reverse Engineering) for additional information.