Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company can provide Studies, Engineering and  Project Management.
With 40 plus years of experience, the Stuart McElrath Company can provide the following engineering services:
  Casting Design
The Stuart McElrath Company can work with customers' to convert their existing parts, or design concepts, into a casting for superior strength and lower costs when purchase in large quantities. SMC will work the customer to have the necessary patterns and core boxes made.

Detail Engineering
The Stuart McElrath Company can furnish a complete set of detailed engineering drawings. This includes all necessary installation drawings complete with a detailed list of components used in the system. Once the project is complete, a copy of all drawing files will be given to the customer in AutoCAD, DXF and PDF formats.

Project Engineering
The Stuart McElrath Company has completed numerous projects related to the foundries and their related manufacturing process. These projects included molding and close-up loops, pouring floors, furnace pits, pouring systems, core room additions, shakeouts and dust collection system.

SMC will assist the customer by providing expert field supervision during the installation phase of the project.

SMC can also provide start-up assistance once the equipment has been installed. SMC will assist in making sure that all manufacture’s performance guarantees are met and that the facility is operating to the satisfaction of the customer.

Reverse Engineering
The Stuart McElrath Company can reverse engineer parts or equipment for the purposes of improving reliability through the use of high alloy wear materials, or supplying OEM parts at reduced costs, or for the manufacture of vintage parts. Reverse engineering can be done when a part or machine has shortcomings and original designers are not available to improve it.