Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company can provide complete project documentation, management and provide start-up services to meet customer needs.
The Stuart McElrath Company has completed numerous projects related to the foundries and their related manufacturing process. These projects included molding and close-up loops, pouring floors, furnace pits, pouring systems, core room additions, shakeouts and dust collection systems.

Additionally, several Attrition (mechanical) and Thermal Sand Reclamation systems, complete with pneumatic sand distribution and bulk storage, have been designed and installed. Please go to the Project History page for additional information.

A typical project engineering package consists of, but is not limited to, the following:
Typical Project Engineering Package     Plant Layout & Design
Project Costs
Project Gantt Charts
Detailed Engineering Drawings
Contractor Bid Specifications
Miscellaneous Items
(purchase orders, manuals, cost penalties, etc.)
Project Documentation
Project documentation is one of the key foundation elements of a successful project. The act of writing, reviewing and circulating project documents produces these important benefits:
Project Documentation Benefits     Transform vague thoughts into written words
Promotes discuss among various parties involved in the project
Documents agreement on certain principles, actions and changes
Communicates everyone involved the projects status and issues
Identify key deliverables and dates
Project documents, along with project meetings, bind the parties involved together to achieve a common purpose. Project documents advance the interests of the project.

The most common project documents include:
Typical Project Documentation     Project Definition
Project Plan
Contractor Specifications
Project Schedule
(Gantt Charts)
Design Files
(Engineering Drawings)
Vendor Quotations
Purchase Orders
Equipment Manuals
Spare Parts Lists
Equipment Software
The Stuart McElrath Company can provide project documentation such as recommended spare parts lists, equipment, operation and training manuals. Additionally SMC will gather all drawings, PLC program code, operational permits, purchase orders, quotes, delivery receipts and invoices for a project. All documentation will be presented to the customer at the end of the project in both its native format and Adobe PDF's whenever possible.

Project Management
The Stuart McElrath Company can act as the customers representative in the supervision of all construction, and/or renovation, until the project is completed - making sure that all performance guarantees are met and the facility is operating to the satisfaction of the customer.

SMC will assist the customer by providing expert field supervision during the installation phase of the project. SMC will help contractors interpret drawings, track resources and coordinate with various sub-contractors and/or equipment suppliers to keep the project on time and on budget.
Project Management     Project Charter
Project Requirements
Establish a Plan of Action
Prepare an update Gantt charts
Interpret drawings and the designers intentions
On-Site meetings with the management staff & contractors
SMC will hold weekly meetings between the principle parties to plan the coming week’s activities. Written reports will be submitted to plant personnel summarizing the progress of the project.

Once an engineering package has been prepared, contractors must be selected, equipment ordered and a 'Plan of Action' set in place. This 'Plan of Action' is setup with the help of a software based project management program. Visually depicted by Gantt and Pert charts, factors as equipment delivery dates, site preparation, installation schedules and available resources are planned in great detail.

While no project ever follows the Gantt chart completely, the amount of thought and planning that goes into its preparation insures that no major project components are over looked. By carefully planning and documenting each step in the project, problems can be anticipated before they become critical to the success of the project.

Start-Up Assistance
The Stuart McElrath Company can provide start-up assistance once the equipment has been installed. SMC will assist in making sure that all manufacture’s performance guarantees are met and that the facility is operating to the satisfaction of the customer.

SMC can provide personnel to check all equipment, on a piece-by-piece basis, before it is started as a complete system. SMC will coordinate with the OEM equipment manufacturers for the commissioning of new equipment and see that plant personnel are provided with operational and maintenance training.

SMC can also help the customer set-up written safety procedures for the operation and maintenance of equipment. Additionally, the manufacture’s ZES (Zero Energy State) recommendations can be organized into a comprehensive Lock Out/Tag Out procedure.