Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company can custom design equipment to suit you needs. We use 3D CAD software and will furnish compete parts lists, vendor sources, and drawings upon completion.
SMC can use its years of experience to design custom equipment for your facility. Occasionally a customer will need a specialized piece of equipment that does not exist or just a little different than what is available. Another scenario entails your company taking an existing design to the next level. This typically happens when you have the actual day-to-day experience with the machine that the manufactures lacks. SMC specializes in the use of materials and or coatings for high wear equipment typically found in the foundry, mining and petrochemical industries.
What we can Supply     3D CAD Software for development
2D CAD drawings for biding and manufacturing
Multi-Level BOM lists
Supplier lists and part numbers
Electrical design & installation as required
ZMS & Lock Out/Tag Out procedures supplied
NDA's as required
Source fabrication and assembly
SMC can ascertain you needs and work with you to design what is needed. We will use 3D CAD software to design the equipment. Compete parts lists, vendor sources, and drawing will be provided upon completion of the project. SMC can source out the necessary electrical components, program code and, if necessary, supply the electrical controls installed on the machine. SMC will develop Z.E.S. (Zero Energy State) procedures and organized them into a comprehensive Lock Out/Tag Out procedure. SMC can also source the fabrication and assembly for your machine.
SMC, as required, can work under NDA’s on new equipment designs.