Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

SMC's Company News contains general information on projects preformed by the Stuart McElrath Company.

These stories are generally posted at the completion of a project and contain pictures taken during construction and at the project's completion.
SMC Provides Engineering Design and Project Management for Thermal Reclamation System
The Stuart McElrath Company provided the engineering and project management for the installation of a new thermal reclamation system for Armstrong Mold Corp. of East Syracuse, New York. Armstrong replaced their existing .3 tph thermal reclaimer with a new Gudgeon 1.5 tph unit complete with shakeout system, bulk storage and sand distribution system.
 Past News Stories
SMC Supplies 8' x 10' Vibratory Shakeout and Dust Hood
SMC supplies Quality Electric Steel Castings with an 8' x 10' Nobake shakeout and dust hood.
SMC Oversees Construction of New Administration Offices
SMC helped design and oversee construction of a new SWS Administration Office Building.
SMC Provides Ductwork Engineering Valero Energy
SMC designs three large duct fabrications for Valero Energy Corp. of Corpus Christi, Texas.
SMC Provides Eng. & Project Mgmt. for Thermal Reclaimer
SMC provided installation drawings and supervision installation of 1.5 tph thermal reclaimer.
SMC Provides Eng. & Project Mgmt. for Arc Furnace Pits.
SMC designed and supervised installation of new Arc Furnace ladle pits over holiday shutdown.
SMC Provides Eng. & Project Mgmt. for Shakeout Addition
SMC designed and installed a new casting shakeout system over Christmas holiday shutdown.