Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

SMC provides Armstrong Mold Corporation with engineering support for installation of thermal sand reclamation reclaimer and sand storage and distribution system.
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SMC Provides Engineering Design & Project Management for
Thermal Sand Reclamation System
The Stuart McElrath Company provided the engineering and project management for the installation of a new thermal reclamation system for Armstrong Mold Corporation of East Syracuse, New York. Armstrong replaced their existing 1/3 tph thermal reclaimer with a new Gudgeon 1.5 tph unit complete with shakeout system, bulk storage and sand distribution system.
Dust collector for shakeout system
with 100 ton 'reclaimed' sand silo.
  SMC provided engineering services that included new general assembly drawings with numerous cross-sections and elevations which were used for bidding and installation purposes. Detail drawings were provided for new steel structures and modifications to existing equipment; such as their existing plaster silo that was converted for use with foundry shakeout sand.

SMC provided bid specifications for installation contractors and equipment suppliers. SMC worked with Armstrong Mold to select and qualify contractors for the project. Once the contractor was selected, SMC supplied installation and startup supervision for the project. At completion of the installation, SMC worked worked with Armstrong Mold to purchase the necessary spare parts.

About Armstrong Mold
Armstrong Mold is a family owned business with 30 years experience, more than 160 employees and 95,000 sq. ft. of facilities. Armstrong Mold manufactures metal and plastic components in prototype and low-volume production quantities.

Armstrong Mold can supply the following service its customers:
      • Rubber Plaster Molding
      • Precision Airset Casting
      • CNC Machining and Hogouts
      • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
      • Finishing & Assembly
A 3,000 lb./hr. thermal reclaimer ready
to be off-loaded from flatbed truck.
Assembled thermal reclaimer set in
place ready to be interconnected
to support equipment and controls.
6 tph Nobake shakeout
undergoing testing.