Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

SMC provides Quality Electric Steel Casting Company with 8' x 10' shakeout and 3 sided dust hood.
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SMC Supplies Quality Electric Steel Casting Company with
8' x 10' Vibratory Shakeout and 3 Sided Dust Hood
The Stuart McElrath Company supplies Quality Electric Steel Castings, LP of Houston Texas with a VSMax Nobake shakeout and 3 sided dust hood. The VSMax Shakeout is designed to hold sand molds and castings, with or without flasks, up to 40,000 lbs. in capacity while processing sand at 50 tons per hour. In actual operation, this unit processed Nobake sand at rates up to 60 tons per hour.
The SMC VSMax during fabrication.
SMC also supplied a three sided dust hood to capture dust generated from the shakeout process. The hood was designed with an exoskeleton frame to protect the metal walls from damage by flasks. The 3-sided dust hood also incorporates an internal baffle system to allow the suction to be balanced on a per side basis.

About Quality Electric
Quality Electric Steel Castings was formed in 1948 as a privately held corporation with Lloyd O. Sturkie as Founder. Over the years, Quality has grown from 35 tons per month capacity to 1,000 tons per month capacity. The Quality Electric Steel Castings plant covers 26 acres, with approximately 250,000 square feet under roof.
 8' x10' SMC VSM shakeout
rated at 50 tons per hour.
SMC VSM shakeout deck made
with harden wear materials to
extent operational life.
3 Sided Dust Hood Made with exoskeleton frame an internal baffle system for optimal dust extraction.