Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

SMC provides Southwest Steel Casting Company with engineering and project management for construction of a new office administration building.
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SMC Oversees Construction of New Southwest Steel Casting
Company Plant Administration Offices
The Stuart McElrath Company worked with Southwest Steel Casting Company to design and oversee the construction of a new Administration Office Building. This addition adds 6,000 square feet of office space to manufacturing plant site in Longview, Texas.
Conference Room - The interior
view of new conference room..
  Along new administrative offices, the new building includes a conference room, lunch area (which can double as a second conference room) and a computer server room.

The computer server room houses multiple file servers (both Windows and Novell) and is the center of Southwest Steel's 60 plus computer workstation environment.

About Southwest Steel Casting Company

Southwest Steel Casting Company is a custom job shop foundry dedicated to providing a quality product as efficiently and economically as possible. Southwest Steel Casting Company produces castings from 10 to 4,500 lbs. in the following metals:

      • Carbon Steel
      • Duplex & Super Duplex
      • Low and High Alloy Steel
      • Hastelloy
      • Stainless Steel
      • Austenitic Steels
      • Low Temperature Steel
      • Martensitic Steels
      • Heat Resistant Steel

Located in Longview, Texas, Southwest Steel Casting Company has established itself as a reliable foundry serving the energy, construction, transportation, marine and mining industries.
Building Under Construction - Building under construction in late autumn.
Interior Office Space - The interior
offices are composed of both
private and modular offices as
shown in this picture.
Building Exterior - Exterior front view
of completed office building.