Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

SMC provides Southwest Steel Casting Company with engineering and project management for the installation of 3,000 lb./hr. thermal reclaimer and sand distribution system.
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SMC Provides Engineering and Project Management New Gudgeon
Thermal Reclaimer at Southwest Steel Casting Company
Working with Gudgeon Brother LTD., the Stuart McElrath Company prepared installation drawings and supervises installation of 3,000 lb./hr. thermal sand reclaimer at Steel Casting Company in Longview, Texas. The thermal reclaimer will supplement existing 15 tons/hour Attrition (mechanical) sand reclamation system.

The system was designed with a bulk storage and distribution system to deliver blended sand (new, thermal and attrition reclaimed sand) to the continuous mixers.
Thermal Reclaimer - Unit setting inside the building ready for connection to sand system and utilities.
  SMC provided engineering services that included new general assembly drawings with the necessary cross-sections and elevations which were used for permitting, bidding and installation purposes.

SMC also supplied installation supervision over Southwest Steel's maintenance personnel and startup assistance for the project.

About Thermal Sand Reclamation
A typical Attrition sand reclamation system can only provide 80 percent of the sand required for molding. By adding a thermal sand reclamation system, Southwest Steel is able to reclaim most of the unused 20 percent of sand which greatly reduces the waste stream leaving the plant.

Thermally reclaimed sand has superior qualities to new sand for the making castings. As sand goes through a one time thermal expansion phase when heated, it provides for a more stable surface against the molten metal during pouring.

About Southwest Steel Casting Company

Southwest Steel Casting Company is a custom job shop foundry dedicated to providing a quality product as efficiently and economically as possible. Southwest Steel Casting Company produces castings from 10 to 4,500 lbs. in the following metals:
  • Carbon Steel
• Duplex & Super Duplex
• Low and High Alloy Steel
• Hastelloy
• Stainless Steel
• Austenitic Steels
• Low Temperature Steel
• Martensitic Steels
• Heat Resistant Steel
Exterior Construction Begins - Legs
are being erected 120 ton sand
hopper which will hold sand to be processed by the thermal reclaimer.
Ductwork Installation - A cyclone is
being installed to prevent hot sand partials from reaching the
dust collector.
Exterior Construction Complete - The
two 120 ton sand silo's are installed.
The skirted silo (on left) houses a pneumatic transporter to distribute
 sand to the foundry.