Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

SMC's ASG Material Flow System is designed to provide unifiorm material discharge from bulk material storage.
SMC's Anti-Segregation Sand Gate Material Flow System is designed to draw material evenly from a bulk silo, thereby preventing segregated material from being discharged into process equipment such as continuous mixers, core machines, and batch mixers. The concept inspired by Daryl Hoyt (the Sand Man) and is a variation on what was used at Wedron Silica Company.

The ASG Material Flow System draws material equally from 9 points in the silo. Eight tubes are used to draw material from the exterior and a single hole, on the gate itself, is used to draw material from the center. A metering plate beneath the tubes allows sand to be drawn evenly from all locations.
The Use of a Metering Plate
A 4" schedule 40 sand tube would be capable of delivering 1,250 lbs. of sand per minute. If the demand from the sand tank is 500 lbs./min. (typical for a medium size continuous mixer) then the sand would simply find the path of least resistance and flow through only one tube.

Once the flow exceeds 1,250 lbs./min., the sand would then begin flowing from 2 tubes in the silo and so on until the flow rate reached approximately 11,250 lbs./min.. As you can see, the sand flow must be metered equally from each tube to allow the sand to be drawn from the entire silo evenly and free of segregation.

The ASG Material Flow System comes with two choices of control systems. The basic control system has two (2) positions allowing the metering plate to be <Open> or <Closed>. The multi-flow control system has the same metering plate positions as the basic control system plus three (3) <Open> to calibrated set point positions.

The ASG Material Flow System has been designed to be installed in existing silos, round or square, with a minimal effort. The adaptor plates (upper and lower) and sand tubes are provided by SMC so that the ASG Material Flow System can be installed quickly over a weekend or shutdown period. When installed, it the ASG Material Flow System requires only 10 3/4" of height.