Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company's  standard line Sand Cooler Classifiers are of a single-pass, counter-flow design which has been the industry standard.
The SMC Standard Cooler-Classifier (SCC) is deigned to cool hot foundry sand* for reuse in the molding process and provide efficient removal of fines which are typically generated in most molding and shakeout foundry processes. In addition, the unit has been designed for serviceability and is provided with instrumentation for process control.

The SCC heat exchanger is of a single pass, counter flow design. Hot sand enters the unit falling into a fluidbed surrounding the heat exchanger. Fluidizing air gently moves the sand towards the discharge end of the cooler. As this is taking place, the fluidized sand grains are coming in contact with the cooling tubes thereby conducting heat away from the sand. Sand leaves the cooler next to water inlet portion of the heat exchanger giving the sand the lowest possible temperature before exiting the unit.
The SCC can be use with either open or closed looped water cooling towers (optional). At the customer’s request, a refrigerant type cooling system can be supplied with the SCC to provide much lower sand temperatures (50 to 75 degrees F.)

In operation, sand enters the classifier and is fluidized by a pressure blower (supplied) with multiple inlets to the lower chamber of the fluidbed. Each inlet comes with an adjustable baffle used for adjusting the fluidbed depth. Fluidizing air then passes through a metal distributor plate and into the sand. By adjusting both the bed depth and the negative extraction pressure varying degrees of fines can be removed.

* Other granular materials can be processed by SMC cooler classifiers. Call for additional information.