Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company can select foundry products and spare parts such as mixer blades for Nobake continuous mixers.
The Stuart McElrath Company manufactures a few select items for the foundry industry. The primary items are Casting Shakeouts and Sand Cooler-Classifiers. SMC's product line has been design to be innovative, reduce wear and increase serviceability.
SMC Products   Many foundry equipment suppliers are living on recycled designs from 40 to 50 years ago. SMC is breaking this stereotype by applying lessons learned from field experience and then incorporating this knowledge into the next generation of equipment.

Early equipment designs concentrated on proving and then refining the technology. In the decades that followed, manufactures took a proven design and reengineered it to reduce manufacturing cost; often at the expense of part wear life and the ability to perform general maintenance.

SMC looks at the fundamental design of foundry equipment and reapplies basic modern engineering principles that improve its functionality and efficiently. In addition, with the advent of modern computer systems, the control and monitoring of equipment must be addressed. At SMC we provide a complete monitoring system for our equipment so it can be operated in a consistent manor and alert customers when problems appear.

SMC often observes other industries that have similar design challenges and reviews them to see how they were addressed. SMC observes equipment and manufacturing designs that are not related to the foundry industry with a view to incorporating them into our own product lines; a different way of solving existing process foundry tasks.

Our products are custom designed to meet our customer's needs. While we may have standard designs for our products, SMC will customize the equipment for the project at hand. This may include additional controls and sensors for complete process monitoring, additional access points for servicing, or opposite hand versions.

SMC products are designed for long term use. On the high wear surfaces of our products SMC uses materials such as HARDOX or Chromium Carbide Overlay plate. These materials provide extended life in applications of extreme abrasion, impact and heat.
The Stuart McElrath Company can supply mixer blades for Nobake continuous mixers including paddle, return helix, spacers, conveyor collar, turbo blades and turbo cones. See the Custom Parts Design for additional information.