the Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company can designed custom equipment for customers. SMC can work under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in most circumstances.
SMC | Custom Product Design Overview
  Overview ASG Material Gate Casting Shakeouts Cooler Classifiers
The Stuart McElrath Company can (and has) designed custom equipment for customers. The primary items featured here (many other items have been designed and built) are Casting Shakeouts, Sand Cooler-Classifiers, various Bulk Silos and Hoppers. This custom equipment was design to be innovative, reduce wear, increase serviceability and be cheaper to manufacture than stock items from OEM manufactures. Once the design is completed customers will be provided with a complete set of drawings, parts lists and component suppliers.
  The Process
SMC looks at the fundamental design of the equipment and then reapplies modern engineering principles that improve its functionality, efficiency and serviceability. SMC often observes other industries that have similar design challenges and reviews their solutions to see if they can be crossed over to other industries.

Think Different
Some of the most successful companies are the ones that think different. They combine two or three pieces of equipment (or processes) into one thereby reducing equipment's capital costs add also reducing the finished products handling. This is were SMC's custom equipment design comes in - your ideas and our design abilities. These are the customers design ideas so SMC can work under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in most circumstances.

With the advent of modern computer systems, the controls and monitoring systems of the equipment should be addressed. SMC can provide a comprehensive monitoring system for a machine or system so that it can be operated in a consistent manor and will alert operators when problems appear.

The control system then should suggest what actions need to be preformed to correct the problem thereby allowing the machine to be put back into production as soon as possible.

Manufacturing Evolution
Another consideration is the way in which manufacturing processes evolve. Once a process is implemented, it soon become apparent what the next step is to improve the process. This improvement is implemented and so on.

Finally you have the process the you want, but not the way you would have designed it if you could start over. SMC can work with the customer to re-implement the process at the appropriate time in the future.