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These custom designed vibratory casting shakeouts are built to last. Sizes range from 3 to 50 tph. These units can also be used as Nobake lumpreducers. Single, double or three sided dust hood can be added as needed.
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These custom designed Vibratory Casting Shakeouts (VSMax) and (VStd) are for Steel and Iron foundry's needing to break molds apart for casting removal and to reduce nobake mold sand lumps for reclamation. These shakeouts come in two versions, one designed to be a lumpreducer, the VSMax, which provides maximum throughput, up to 50 tph, for quickly clearing the foundry's pouring floor. The VSMAX uses a post sand lump reduction device such as a rotating drum lumpreducer to prepare the sand for reclamation . The second version, the VStd, is a conventional shakeout which incorporates wear liners and a sieve plate (.375" dia. hole size) to eliminate the need for post lump reduction processing, but has a lower throughput, 12-15 tph.
Casting Shakeouts |    Two designs in one body -  (1) a lumpreducer only for maximum throughput (50 tph max.)
(2) a conventional shakeout with .375" sieve plates (15 tph max.)
These casting shakeouts are designed to hold sand molds and castings, with or without flasks, up to 40,000 lbs. in size. The deck of the shakeout incorporates railroad rails to reduce wear from flasks and castings. Harden breaker points are used for sand lump reduction allowing the sand lumps to pass through the upper deck into the lower chamber for additional lump reduction.

In the lower chamber, the harden wear liners further reduce the sand lumps for discharge from the unit. In the VStd shakeout, sieve plates are used to retain the sand lumps till they reach a maximum size of 3/8", This size is perfect for post shakeout sand handling and reclamation systems. The shakeout includes a bottom access door for inspection and tramp material removal.

Options for the Vibratory Shakeouts include support legs, motor starters and disconnects. Additionally, a single, double or three sided dust hood can be added to the shakeout system.