the Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

  • Engineering
  • DesignServices
  • Custom Products Design
  • Project Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Web and Print Design
engineering services, parts design, project engineering & management, start-up assistance, web & print design.
SMC is a consulting firm providing services for small businesses such as engineering design, project management, equipment design, cost studies, and website & print design.

SMC also custom designs parts and equipment that is no longer being manufactured or to reduce costs and increase wear life with the use of better materials and coatings.
Engineering Services
detailing, specifications, project management, installation & startup, general engineering, reverse engineering.
SMC can provide conceptual design to complete engineering drawing sets, bid specifications, and project management to bring your company's plans to reality. SMC can also act as the customer's representative and provide installation supervision.

SMC can reverse engineer parts or equipment to improve reliability, reduced costs or provide documentation.
Design Services
custom equipment and parts design, casting design, dust collection design, bulk silo and day hopper design.
SMC provides custom equipment and parts design and can convert weldments to castings. SMC can design custom bulk silos, day hoppers and material distribution systems to suit the customer's needs.

Additionally, SMC can work with customers to design custom equipment for specialized production processes.
Custom Product Design
casting shakeouts, lump reducers, fluidbed cooler classifiers, shakeout decks, anti-segregation sand gate.
SMC designs custom products such as Anti-Segregation Material Flow Gates, Casting Shakeouts, Shakeout Decks, Lump Reducers, Sand Cooler Classifiers and workstation dust booths.

SMC's designs have been design to be innovative, reduce wear and increase serviceability. Emphasis has been placed on being the best design for the task at hand.
Web & Print Design
development, concept, design, maintenance & web hosting.
The Internet has become the main communication tool for what your company offers to the entire world. A website is often the first impression a customer has about your company and it needs to portray your company and its products or services at there best.

With SMC's web design and graphics skills, we can give you the keys to optimize your company's image and adapt it seamlessly to the Internet.
Anti-Segregation Material Flow System
The Anti-Segregation Sand Gate Material Flow System is designed to draw material evenly from a bulk silo, thereby preventing segregated material from being discharged into process equipment.
SMC Provides Engineering & Project Mgmt. for Thermal Reclamation
SMC provided the engineering and project management for the installation of a new thermal reclamation system for Armstrong RM Corporation.
SMC Supplies Quality Electric with VSMax Shakeout and Dust Hood
SMC supplies Quality Electric Steel Castings, LP of Houston Texas with an 8' x 10' VSMax Nobake shakeout and 3 sided dust hood.
SMC Provides Ductwork Engineering for Valero Energy Corporation
SMC, in conjunction with CB&I Howe-Baker Engineers, Ltd., design three very large duct fabrications for Valero Energy.
SMC Supplies Casting Shakeout and Dust Hood
SMC supplies Quality Electric Steel Castings with an 8' x 10' Nobake casting shakeout and three (3) sided dust hood design.

The Shakeout was designed to hold sand molds and castings up to 40,000 lbs. and processes Nobake foundry sand at rates up to 50 tons per hour.