the Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company specializes in custom design of equipment, parts and casting design along with bulk silos and hoppers including weight batch systems.

SMC also has a long history in the design of large dust collection systems and the interconnecting ductwork.
SMC | Design Services Overview
  Overview Dust Collection Equipment & Parts Bulk Silo & Day Hopper
CAD Design Software |   SMC uses Autodesk software for its engineering projects.  
With 45 plus years in the manufacturing and consulting business, the Stuart McElrath Company can provide custom equipment and part design and reverse engineer parts or equipment that is no longer manufactured. We can also work with customers to design custom equipment for specialized production needs.
    Dust Collection Design
The Stuart McElrath Company can design and have manufactured complete dust collection systems. SMC specializes in the design and fabrication of graduated ductwork along with custom intake hood designs for shakeouts, furnaces and workstation ventilation. 
    Equipment & Parts Design
SMC can custom design equipment to suit your needs. We use 3D CAD software for the design process. 3D renderings generated from the CAD software can then be used by the customer for marketing purposes. We specialize in creating drawings for older parts for which the drawings have been lost over time or may never have been created.
    Bulk Silo & Day Hopper Design
SMC can provide large bulk silos and smaller day hoppers designed to suit your facility’s needs. These units are custom designed to meet the customers space and process requirements. As required, the Silos and hoppers can be fitted with batch weighing systems, anti-segregation material flow systems, access ladders, level indicators, platforms and safety railing.