the Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company can provide custom designed OSHA compliant silo's and hoppers to suit the customers needs. Custom truck loading weight batch systems are also available along with various other accessories.
SMC | Bulk Silo & Day Hopper Design
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Bulk Silo Reuse |   A decommission bulk storage plant was purchased for reuse by a foundry. The silo's were moved on site, re-engineered as needed and then installed as part of a sand storage and distribution system.  
The Stuart McElrath Company can custom design large bulk silos and smaller day hoppers. These units are custom designed to meet the customers’ needs for the process being used and the area available. Past designs include both skirted and leg silos  ranging in size from 15 to 300 tons. SMC has also design multiple silo's located on a single support platform.
Typical Accessories     Ladders & Platforms (OSHA compliant, exterior & interior)
Access Hatches
(for internal inspection & maintenance)
Bin Vents
(typically used with pneumatic truck & transporters)
Anti-Segregation Devices
(to prevent segregation materials at discharge)
Level Indicators
(load cells, paddle type, plum-bob, etc.)
Truck Fill Systems
(for filling pneumatic from pneumatic trucks)
Pressure Relief Valves
(for use with pneumatic transporters & trucks)
SMC can provide truck loading systems for various materials and truck types. These systems use load cells mounted to the silo legs that feed a PLC based controller. The PLC monitors the silo’s sand level and provides controls or monitoring all electrical devices provided with the system. The system allows the user to select the material weight and have it automatically discharged material in to a truck. Optional items are available such as access ladders, platforms (with handrails), hatch's (with a built in pressure relief valve) and top mounted handrails with toe boards.
Bulk Silo & Day Hoppers |   Custom bulk silo and day hopper design for most materials including weigh batch systems for truck loading or manufacturing process applications.  
SMC can also engineer and design foundations for our silo and hopper designs as needed. Note; while SMC can design the foundation, a 'Stamp' from a local P.E. may be required in certain localities.