the Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

SMC provides Southwest Steel Casting Company with engineering and project management for rebuilding of two arc furnace pouring pits over 4th of July holiday shutdown.
SMC Provides Engineering Design and Project Management for Thermal Reclamation & Sand Distribution System.
SMC Provides Ductwork Engineering in Conjunction with CB&I for Valero Energy Corporation in Corpus Christi, TX.
SMC Designs 8' x 10' Vibratory Shakeout and 3 Sided Dust Hood for Quality Electric Steel Casting Company.
SMC Oversees Construction of New Southwest Steel Casting Company Plant Administration Offices in Longview, TX.
SMC Provides Engineering and Project Management for Southwest Steel's Arc Furnace Pouring Pits.
SMC Provides Engineering and Project Management for Shakeout Addition at Southwest Steel in Longview Texas.
SMC Provides Engineering and Project Management for New Thermal Reclaimer at Southwest Steel Casting Company.
SMC Provides Engineering and Project Management for Southwest Steel's Plant 1 Green Sand to Nobake Conversion.
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SMC Provides Engineering and Project Management for
Southwest Steel's Plant 1 Green Sand to Nobake Conversion
With increased demand for Nobake castings, Southwest Steel decided to convert their existing plant 1 Green sand operation to Nobake to supplement plant 2's existing Nobake line.
Plant 1 building addition housing the
attrition reclamation system.
  The Stuart McElrath Company, together with Southwest Steel Casting Company, designed and then supervised the conversion, including equipment rebuilding, writing the bid specifications, selecting contractors, and supervising the installation.

The Plant 1 Nobake molding system is complete with a medium size molding loop with  rollover, mold flow coating, attrition sand reclamation system, bulk sand storage and a pneumatic distribution system.

The plant 1 building was extended by two bays to accommodate the Nobake loop and portions of the sand reclamation system. Unused space was left for the future addition of a core making area and the addition of more pouring lines.

Most of the equipment used in the Nobake conversion was purchased used and rebuilt at Southwest Steel or local fabricators. This greatly reduced the capital cost of the project and allowed the project installation time to be reduced by eliminating manufacturing time. Items found on the used market included bulk storage silos, vibrating conveyors and a dust collector.

About Southwest Steel Casting Company
Southwest Steel Casting Company is a custom job shop foundry dedicated to providing a quality product as efficiently and economically as possible. Southwest Steel Casting Company produces castings from 10 to 4,500 lbs. in the following metals:

  • Carbon Steel
• Duplex & Super Duplex
• Low and High Alloy Steel
• Hastelloy
• Stainless Steel
• Austenitic Steels
• Low Temperature Steel
• Martensitic Steels
• Heat Resistant Steel

Located in Longview, Texas, Southwest Steel Casting Company has established itself as a reliable foundry serving the energy, construction, transportation, marine and mining industries.
Plant 1 Green Sand molding before Nobake renovation.
Drum lumpreducer pit walls. The
exterior walls will be sealed,
backfilled and then the surrounding
floor will be poured.
New ductwork being installed for the attrition reclamation & shakeout systems.
Old exterior of Plant 1 with the steel
for the new Nobake addition.